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Sustainable & Healthy Lifestyle Change

Science based approach involves diet and physical activity that will prevent and in most cases even reverse food induced lifestyle diseases like obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and more.

Weight Management

Most diets don't help in sustainable weight management. Reach us for a personalized approach to address weight management and obesity. Candok health coaches are trained to guide you through your journey to healthy weight. Can do with Candok!

PCOS management

Diet and lifestyle changes have been found to be effective in managing Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).Take the right steps, get a customized diet plan and exercise regimen. Healthy weight loss can be helpful and reduce your mental stress. Candok health coaches are helping several clients get better.

Manage & Reverse Diabetes

Uncontrolled type II diabetes could lead to several health disorders. Identifying the root cause and making a few lifestyle changes could help you reduce or even eliminate the need for medications. Bring back the taste in life !



Tried all popular ideas and deals?

Control, prevent and in some cases
even reverse Lifestyle diseases.

Candok Health Coach can guide you through your journey to Health and Wellbeing. 




Choose Health Plan

Diet Plan

By Nutritionist

2500 /Month

Consult a Nutritionist
1 Person
Monthly Diet Plan included

Diet & Fitness Plan

By Nutritionist

3500 /Month

Consult a Nutritionist
1 Person
Monthly Diet & Basic Exercise Plan

Diet & Live Fitness


6000 /Month

Consult a Nutritionist & Fitness Coach
For 1 Person
Diet Plan & Live fitness







Are you an Employer or representing a
Community or an Association.

You are in a better position to bring large-scale change.

Now, perhaps more than anyone one else, we at Candok are looking for ways to educate and transform lives.
Our Nutritionists are investing their time and efforts for the cause.


Learn about our Champions


 Candok Health Coach

We honor the work of Nutritionists who commit their time and effort to build a movement and transform lives.

Join our team and become a Health Coach.

Design, plan and conduct Candok’s Signature health promotion programs in your community. Create value for your customers, community and the movement you are part of. Here’s everything you need to know.




Candok Lifestyle is an initiative by Candok Private Limited. Our purpose is to help people live life, naturally!
The initiative predominantly focuses on controlling, preventing and in some cases even reversing lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases have been mainly attributed to changes in lifestyle and dietary habits as well us our inability to adapt to new habits and environment.
With a primary focus on Nutritious diet, Improving Physical activity and Education, Candok Health Coaches (Dietetians) are trained to understand the needs of our customers, consult, coach, share relevant science based knowledge, spark insights and guide transformation in their journey to Health and Wellbeing.