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Rs. 499/-

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For an initial assessment and review (30-40 mins). (Google Meet/Zoom/Skype/Phone Call).
Languages offered: Malayalam and English.


How it works:


During the 30-40 mins consultation and review, the Dietitian will collect required information and provide health tips. 

After the call you will receive an email with personalized instructions. 

You may ask questions and understand how a Candok Health Coach can help you on your well being journey, our weekly and monthly packages.



Based on the assessment and your requirement, you will be offered additional services


Including preparation of diet plans, follow up and guidance through your journey to health and wellbeing. The offers available are listed below. Price based on customized packages will be provided after initial assessment.

Diet plan : For a  Month    Buy Now 

Diet plan+ Basic exercise: For a Month  Buy Now

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Nutritional Assessment

Dietitian will conduct a detailed assessment, understand your needs and diet preferences. Your readiness to learn and explore possible options is an important criteria for successful transformation. Once you are willing to explore, our Health Coach will conduct a lifestyle and nutritional assessment. This detailed assessment serves as the foundation for recommendation and guidance.

Hear from our Coaches

After nutritional assessment based on your service request, a personalized diet plan will be provided digitally.Some foods are healthier for you than others. Based on your current health conditions and lifestyle, you will receive recommendations and guidance. Our approach predominantly focuses on a plant based diet which includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains,legumes, pulses, cereals, nutri cereals, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian, on a case to case basis, based on the condition and risk factors, a cautious approach and controlled portions of non fat diary, egg white and animal products are also permitted/included in your diet.
Meticulous care to exclude foods that can cause harm and at the same time adding foods rich in nutrients are equally important.
Reboot, Bring back the taste in life ! Live life Naturally.

For all other packages, including 3 months and 6 months plan please contact us at hellocandok@gmail.com or reach us on phone or WhatsApp +91 89214 41746