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Green tea or black tea. Who can consume and who should be careful consuming green tea.

Apr 11, 2022 Wellbeing, General, Lifestyle diseases, Lower Blood pressure, Lower Cholesterol, Manage Diabetes, Weight Management

By Anu M.V., Candok Health Coach @ candok.in

Green tea, Camellia sinensis is consistently described as being a potent medicine for promoting good health and longevity. Green tea is higher in antioxidants than black tea as it has not undergone fermentation. In addition, the manufacturing process, technology used and the source of leaves also influence the antioxidant properties of the product.

Processing: Green tea processing involves picking, withering, steaming, rolling, drying, grading and packaging making it ready for consumption.

What’s in it: Green tea contains several components like catechins which give its texture, caffeine giving bitterness, thiamine giving flavor, vitamins and minerals.

The Benefits: There are many health benefits for green tea.  The advantages may include; they are rich in antioxidants, may reduce the risk of hypertension, maintain elasticity of skin, strengthen blood vessels, prevent cancers, promote weight loss, reduce the level of lipids, increase thermogenesis and may help regulate blood sugar- better glycemic control.

Exhibit Caution: Disadvantages are it may worsen glaucoma, may interfere with absorption not iron and lead to anemia, worsens heart palpitations, inhibits absorption of calcium, causes insomnia in caffeine sensitive persons. Over usage leads to liver and kidney damage and worsens peptic ulcer.

How to consume: Green tea is to be served plain without sugar or milk and best taken along with or after food. Boil water infuse tea or dip green tea bag to a cut of boiling or hot water and drink.  If you are using tea leaves, the same leaves can be used for a second serving. Another tip is to sip it hot, because the green tea becomes bitter when it cools.


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