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Habits to start your healthy weight loss journey. It is never late!

Apr 4, 2022 Wellbeing, Lifestyle diseases, Weight Management

By Anu M.V., Candok Health Coach @ candok.in

The causes of obesity are complex. Weight loss should be a personalized approach based on the condition and the ability of the individual to make changes. 

The approach to weight loss should start with dietary intervention, including improved physical activity which should be linked with a behavioral approach to facilitate change. This comprehensive approach may be considered as the first step to bring change. In most of the cases such an approach should be effective in managing weight loss. Those who are unable to lose weight through this approach may consult their physician for alternative medical options. 

Set achievable and realistic goals, get motivated and start small ! 

If you are looking to retain a healthy weight or starting your healthy weight loss journey the following points may be helpful. These may be easy steps to begin and if you need a coach to guide you through the Healthy Weight Loss journey, approach a dietitian !


Start your day with two cups of water.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Drink half a glass of water before meals.

Break fast:

Avoid skipping breakfast as it is the first fuel for your body.

Power up with more protein food in your breakfast.

Get to a healthier breakfast routine.

Stay away from snacks:

Avoid snacks, especially while watching TV which will make you eat more.

Avoid  junk, fried and sugary foods.

Get social:

Eat along with your family members.

Diet tips: 

Make vegetables your main dish.

Eat more fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Include green tea in your diet.

Balance your meal and know how much to eat

Cut the plate size to a smaller portion. 

Take fresh fruit juice (with no added sugar) or water soon after your exercise as it reduces your appetite.

Avoid exercise soon after your main meals. There should be a gap of minimum 2 hours.

Avoid red meat in your diet.

Ask yourself if you are really hungry.

Avoid eating in the bedroom.

Be Mindful: 

Practice mindfulness.

Get enough sleep: 

Follow good sleeping practices.

Use the bedroom only for sleeping, not eating.

Keep a track:

Track your exercise properly.

Track your weight.

Get outdoors, Get moving: 

Energize with sunlight. 

Staying active and following positive thinking leads to a strong life.

Obesity can also lead to increased healthcare costs. The accumulation of  fat increases the risk of a significant number of diseases and conditions. Since most of the obesity is food induced,  it is preventable. Take control of your health and your life. Healthy habits can help you overcome the challenges of several lifestyle diseases and lead a healthier life. Stay slim, feel good !


Click here to speak to a Candok Health Coach for your personalized consultation. 

Candok Health Coach (Nutritionist/Dietitian) can provide guidance,  prepare a customized diet plan, suggest basic physical activity and guide you through your journey to a healthy weight loss.

Understanding and applying Nutrition Series. Edited by Candok editorial board, Candok Lifestyle. Live Life, Naturally!

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