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Mammootty and his everlasting youthfulness-How to maintain good health.

Apr 28, 2022 General, Weight Management, Wellbeing

One of the most frequently asked questions on Google is, “Who is the fittest actor in Mollywood?” And the person who consistently tops the list is the Megastar himself, Muhammad Kutty Panaparambil Ismail, better known by his stage name Mammootty. This wouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who knows the man. He has been an epitome of male beauty to our people for quite a while now.

His fitness plan and dietary methods are a curious thing for every common man. Every Instagram post of his blows away all of us. Just when we think the man can’t get any more handsome, he makes it a point to prove us wrong. To look half your age is anybody’s dream and Mammukka has been doing it, almost effortlessly! But there must indeed be a lot of hard work behind his fitness story. He is someone everybody looks up to and to live up to all that admiration requires a lot of effort and discipline.

While doing research, we came to know about his commitment and dedication to a healthy and fit lifestyle. A lot of attention is given to cardio. He follows a low carb diet with adequate protein content, and works out for around an hour and fifteen minutes a day, according to fitness trainer Vipin Xavier, who  shared this with the Times of India in a recent interview.

According to Leneesh, who was Mammootty’s cook a few years back, the actor is not someone who gorges on random food. He loves fish curries that are cooked with little spices and masala. The actor doesn’t eat rice for lunch; instead, he eats half a piece of puttu made with oats. Even though beef and mutton are his favorites, he doesn’t eat them regularly. He eats rice only occasionally. He loves hot black tea a few times a day when he is shooting. The actor prefers dosas made with wheat or oats for dinner, those too, not more than three. He likes to have slightly spicy chicken curry flavored with fresh coconut milk with his dosas. He also has chutney with it. Mammootty then finishes his dinner with a bowl of hot mushroom soup.

Mammukka is also someone who adapts regularly. He makes frequent changes to his diet to keep up with his nutritional needs.

Moreover, Mammukka do not crib like others who say exercising is too much effort. Anybody can start with an exercise regime, follow some dietary practices for a few days. But most of us tend to give up too easily. To be on the path towards fitness for as long as he has, required real vision and ambition. With every new workout he tries or a diet he experiments, Mammukka tries to perfect his passion for fitness.

Mammukka is a perfect example that age is never a barrier. If this is how he looks at 70, what’s our excuse?

Mammukka has a lot of fans for his legendary acting abilities, and rightly so. But what also deserves the same level of credit is his fitness. We’ve been admiring his looks for some time now. Mammukka looks the way he looks, because that’s the standards he has set for himself.

He has been active in public life for over four decades But does this stop us fromlooking at the man in sheer awe?. No matter how many times we see him, he amazes us with his age defying appearance.  

But more than admiration, what this generation needs to do is draw inspiration from the man. He is the perfect role model for a healthy lifestyle . Someone we can copy to elevate us to great heights. Even if we can replicate half his determination and discipline, changes will be reflected in our lifestyle.

The body is to be respected and taken care of. If it is abused through over eating  and a sedentary life style, the body will giveaway easily. Discipline in food habits and consistency in exercise is the only solution to maintaining a long and healthy life. This is the great lesson that Mammootty imparts through his life and continuing good looks.

As a movie hero his example can be emulated not just by fellow actors, but is relevant to people in all fields of life. At his age he brims with youthful energy and is as agile as the young guns in the industry. Everybody says Mammootty is becoming more youthful as time pushes ahead. Mammootty is a living legend not just for his acting talent, he is a role model for health too ‘Life is a gift and this body is its abode. Keep it solid and fit’ and through his life, he has showed us that it’s possible, 100%

Content research by : Jyothika Nithin, Kamal.

Written by: Amal K.E., Aswanth.

A part of student internship project.


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