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Obesity is complicated!

Apr 28, 2022 General, Lifestyle diseases, Weight Management, Wellbeing

Know the causes, complications, prevention and treatment.

We all know what the definition of Obesity is:

“A disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems.”

Rather than a cosmetic problem, obesity is a medical problem and a major example of a lifestyle disease. When analyzing the obesity statistics on the internet we can observe that:

-1 in 3 adults were diagnosed with obesity.

-About 1 in 13 adults were diagnosed with extreme obesity.

-About 1 in 6 children and adolescents of ages 2 to 19 were diagnosed with obesity.

-More recently, between 2005- 2014, the overall prevalence of obesity and extreme obesity increased significantly among women, however, there were no significant increases for men.


Obesity can be due to multiple reasons. They can be genetic, physiological factors, environmental factors, high calorie and fat-filled diet, lack of physical activity, and some medications. The usual and most obvious reason for obesity is when a person consumes significantly more calories than they burn off. Growing older can also lead to less muscle mass and a slower metabolic rate, making it easier to gain weight. Lack of sleep also leads to hormonal changes that make you feel hungrier and crave certain high-calorie foods. Weight gained during pregnancy may be difficult to lose and might eventually lead to obesity. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance between calories-in and calories-out. This ratio can be different for everyone.

Obesity is, however, different from being overweight or fat. The weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water, which is not always the case for obesity. BMI (Body Mass Index) is the most used tool to estimate and screen for obesity in adults and children.


Obesity increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and some cancers. If you have obesity, losing even 5 to 10% of your weight can delay or prevent some of these diseases.

Some other adverse conditions caused by obesity are:

-Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that causes an imbalance of female reproductive hormones

-Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare condition present at birth that causes excessive hunger

-Cushing syndrome, a condition caused by having high cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in your system

-Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain important hormones

-Osteoarthritis (OA) and other conditions that cause pain that may lead to reduced activity


-Being in a good environment and spending some quality time can definitely make your mind peaceful

-Reducing stress by engaging in physical activities can be a mood-lifter and a calorie burning routine

-Intaking correct proportions of food and engaging in proper exercise is the best remedy

-Rather than getting traumatized about how your body is, make changes to your daily routine and watch the difference happening to you!

Authors note:

Being the author of this blog, I can truly validate what I am saying. Because lockdown has made me a person who only eats 24/7. Eat – sleep – online class – repeat has become my daily routine these days. I don’t even spend some time to step out of my house, to get some fresh air and quality time with family and friends. Instead, I am trapped inside my room, spending most of the time on the phone, eating food, and sleeping mainly because of COVID-19 and lockdown and I truly regret that. Starting a healthy diet plan is very essential for me and my generation who are addicted to high-fat content food. We have to care more about our health. As we grow older, the need to have a healthy body becomes more apparent. All of us will enjoy our life much better if we have good health and great physical shape.

A healthy mind is also important in maintaining good health. Taking steps to prevent obesity in your daily life is a good first step. Even small changes, such as eating more vegetables and having physical fitness sessions few times a week, can help to prevent obesity, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Article by Jyothika Nithin, A part of a student project/internship.

Look for changes that you welcome, incorporate small changes to diet and lifestyle to live a healthier life; naturally!


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