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Overweight – Can diet and lifestyle change help overcome your hereditary condition?

Apr 4, 2022 Wellbeing, General, Lifestyle diseases, Vegan

What is genetic disposition?

A genetic disposition is  “an increased likelihood of developing a particular disease based on a person’s genetic makeup.” 

Is there a role for diet and lifestyle in influencing genes?

It has been proven that most of the time, your diet and lifestyle have more of an impact than genes do. FTO, also known as the “fat gene” appears to be weaker in those who exercise regularly and completely gone in those who maintain a healthy diet since food determines about 90% of a person’s health. This gene seems to mainly affect people who don’t exercise much or have unhealthier diets. 

What do you do if there is a hereditary condition- Overweight?

The fat gene- FTO  don’t affect your ability to lose weight, but knowing the hereditary condition or your gene predisposition through testing might either motivate you to eat healthier, discourage you from trying to lose weight, or start taking meds. 

If you see that obesity runs in the family, it isn’t always because of genes, instead, it may be the lifestyle that is passed down through generations. The first step to counter obesity isn’t by taking medicines that may have negative side effects, but to maintain a healthy diet. 

Changing diet and lifestyle may be a good starting point.

It may seem difficult for some when you start, but taking measures like slowly reducing your portion size or increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you have in your meals is a great way to start.


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