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Overweight, Obesity, Breastfeeding and Lifestyle Counselling

Apr 4, 2022 Wellbeing, General

Women taking care of their health is important for their families, their communities and for the world at large. 

Pregnancy as a life altering event  is almost a cliche. When most women look at their photographs before and after childbirth, they sigh, unable to comprehend the vast differences their bodies have undergone. Many studies confirm the fact  that during pregnancy women gain weight and become obese and the hardest part is  that many women do not lose the weight they gained during this time. In many studies conducted, it has been noticed that this weight gain or postpartum weight gain is related to high BMI during pre pregnancy, excessive weight gain during pregnancy, lack of breastfeeding and lack of regular exercise.  

Benefits of breastfeeding for weight loss

The benefits of breastfeeding for the child is widely known. What is relatively unknown are the benefits it has for the mother. As the world celebrates Breastfeeding week here are some of the benefits;

  • Decreased postpartum blood loss 
  • More rapid involution of the uterus
  • Less postpartum depression.
  • Women who breastfeed for 6 months  were significantly less likely to have retained the weight gained in pregnancy at 1 year postpartum.

Postpartum Weight Gain

Women who retain the weight gained during pregnancy later develop the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high diabetes and hypertension. Most women who become full time caregivers for their children and family do not have the support or necessary knowledge to fight these conditions. It’s extremely important that women are made aware of the possibilities that exist today and make use of those avenues to regain their pre-partum health, looks and energy.  

This is where a health – coach or nutritionist comes in. 

Why do women need a Health Coach?

‘While a doctor will diagnose, prescribe medicine and treat, health coaches take time to completely understand a patient and create a plan that will set them up for success.’

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A health coach can hand hold you during your pregnancy and beyond through the following ways;

  • Providing information about recommended weight gain during and after pregnancy
  • Emotional and social counselling
  • Lifestyle interventions ( dietary and physical activity support)
  • Regulating maternal hypertension and gestational diabetes

Happiness is key to every human being’s well being. An individual’s well being is deeply connected to his/her lifestyle choices and health. Women taking care of their health is important for the happiness of their families, their communities and for the world at large. 


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Candok Health Coach ( Nutritionist/Dietitian) can provide guidance, prepare a customized diet plan, suggest basic physical activity and guide you through your journey to well-being.

Understanding and applying Nutrition Series. By Candok editorial board, Candok Lifestyle. Live Life, Naturally!


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